Sunday, February 3, 2013

February Goals

Before I get into February's goals, I want to quickly review January and give you guys some updates. I'm sure the first thing you noticed about visiting SITC today was the font. I posted a survey last week and one of the questions was "How did you like the cursive font?" - a 100% of you said you liked it but it was hard to read so I changed it and Im hoping everyone can enjoy the posts more! You also said you wanted me to share more goals, do a Week In Review, and to see vlogs. And recipes, more recipes - which is perfect because Im cooking all over the place these days! A big thank you to everyone who took the survey, if it wasn't for you reading then I wouldn't be writing.
I won Roni's DietBet and pretty much doubled my money! I lost a total of 12.4 lbs! I ended up really liking DietBet and will definitely participate in the future! Congrats to everyone who participated!
Let's review January's goals:
- started great, then bombed
- started great, ended kind of weak
- still in the program as its 8 weeks (oops!)
- did pretty well with this one!
- started great, then bombed
See a pattern? I do. I really have to get out of this "all or nothing" mentality. I start out great and then after a day or two of missing the goal I think its all messed up and instead of picking myself up and getting back on track I just let it go. This is no bueno but they say practice makes perfect so here goes February:
Exercise 3x week - Im doing well with my C25K program but it will soon be over and its time to really buckle down and incorporate strength training and toning. Its time to create a routine.
Take vitamins - Im going to get this one down damnit!
More water - goal is to consume 24oz daily and increase month after month.
Track food - I'm in a "I don't wanna" phase with this one right now. I may not wanna but Im gonna!
Socialize on Twitter - Over the 6 months or so I've really fallen off the Twitter wagon, I love giving and receiving encouragement and keeping contact with so many great people!
What are your goals for this month?
Happy Super Bowl! Go 49ers!!!

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  1. good goals! and I have to say maybe you shouldn't look at it (for January) that you "bombed" on some of your goals... I mean, did you make the effort as much as you could on the days that you could? So you could probably improve but I don't think you really "bombed" - I'm sure there were other things to celebrate last month, maybe just not the goals you wrote down?

    I haven't come up with any goals actually for Feb yet. In fact I don't think I did for January *oops*. I just want to keep committed to my Half training plan and try not to deviate as much as possible. Unfortunately life does get in the way sometimes but I really WANT to do it as much as NEED to, so that's the plan.