Thursday, November 29, 2012

Everyday Food Giveaway Winners!

Congrats to BROOKE and VICKIE! I'll be emailing you both shortly to get your address and get your subscriptions sent right out to you. Thank you to everyone for stopping by and helping me get the word out about SITC!

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  6. BrookeNotOnADiet
  7. Gigi Eats Celebrities
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Monday, November 26, 2012

Friend Makin' Mondays: Dear Santa

Its that time again boys and girls! FMM is a favorite way to start off the week and this is my first time to do so on the new blog so I'm extra happy! And could this weeks topic be any more exciting? My list is much longer than 10 but I'll try to pick my faves =)
If your new to FMM, the rules are simple; take a few moments to answer these questions on your own blog and add your link in the comment section here at All The Weigh
Dear Santa:  List at least ten things that you may or may not need that you’d love to find under your tree this year!   
1: Chanel Malice - love this color just not the $26 price tag
2. Keurig Vue - my Elite went kaput. Boo.
3. Marc Jacobs Dot - will be my summer go-to fragrance this year!
4. Brother RX9500 - I really want to learn how to sew and hem my own pants

5. Pro Power nail drill - would be so much easier when I do my own fill-ins!

6. Tory Burch Penelope Tote - any of her handbags really!


9.  A ticket to FitBloggin' - hint, hint to all you sponsors out there ;)

10. XSport Fitness membership - can you say Water Zumba?!


I'm pretty sure I can hang up most of what's on my list...Id be happy with a few gift cards since I'm growing out of my clothes so quickly. Even if my tree is empty this year I'm still beyond blessed and that's all that really matters.

Have a great week!


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Holiday Wrap-Up & Giveaway!!

I am happy to say I made it through the Thanksgiving holiday relatively unscathed (my checkbook wasn't so lucky). This was not only my first Thanksgiving away from any family but also my first being sleeved. I purposely didn't make any plans as I wanted a low-key no-fuss no-stress day and that's exactly what I got. I took 2 naps, worked on the blog and caught up on Vampire Diaries. I did go to Meijer at 6am to get a new blender, I make smoothies so much that I broke my old one and they had the red Oster on sale for $19.99 (reg. $45). My eating yesterday was on point, I had a smoothie and a ham sandwich throughout the day and with the house cleaning I did I was rewarded with a .5 pound loss. This is the FIRST holiday EVER that I have LOST weight - I'll take it (no matter how small)!

Be warned -the lighting in my house sucks!

Today was a different story. I was up at 9 and by 5, Foursquare politely reminded me I had been to 10 places. It wasn't all fun and games, 3 of those places were for returns and today was laundry day. I did get some good deals without having to stand nuts-to-butts in line for 3 hours. First stop was Nordie's (oh how I love that place!) and I took advantage of their Buy 2 Get 1 Free on butter London polish. I also purchased my stepmom's birthday gift - which I wont reveal in case she's reading this. I also treated myself since I am 1.2 pounds away from 60 pounds gone! Yay! In hindsight, I probably should've bought underwear since I'm using binder clips on mine now but hey LOL.

Black Knight, Two-Fingered Salute, No More Waity Katie, Wild Thing

Guilty Intense for my 60 lb loss! As you can clearly see I needed more perfume ;)

 I also made a quick stop to Ikea to pick up their $4.99 end tables and onto TJ Maxx because they have good clearance - it paid off because I found this super cute Betsey Johnson laptop case for $18 with my 10% off coupon. It will work perfectly for keeping all my blogging stuff together.

The best part? SEQUINS!

 All the walking and running around paid off big time, check out the stats on my FitBit One!


Now on to my very FIRST giveaway!!! Yay! I'm giving away 2 annual subscriptions to Martha Stewart's Everyday Food! I freaking love this little magazine. Most of you know I love to cook and this magazine is the inspiration for half of what comes out of my kitchen. The recipes are fun, simple, and can easily be made VSG or Weight Watcher friendly.
Image courtesy of
 I know this isn't big or fancy but as a small token of appreciation for all of your continued support and helping me get my blog out there!
Entering is easy and just takes a few moments. 
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Good luck!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey Salad (VSG Friendly!)

Image courtesy of SleevedInTheCity
3/4 lb cooked turkey meat
2 stalks celery
2 green onions
1/2 red bell pepper
3tbsp FF mayo
2 tbsp. Dijon-style mustard
1 tbsp. cider vinegar
1/2 tsp Splenda or 1 tsp sugar
1/4 tsp salt
Place turkey, celery, green onion, and red bell pepper in a food processor or blender. Finely chop using 'pulse' setting. Transfer turkey mixture to medium bowl, mix in mayo, mustard, cider vinegar, Splenda and salt. Cover and refrigerate 8 hours or overnight before serving. Yields 6-1/2 servings.