Sunday, January 6, 2013

January Goals

So we're a week into 2013 and I've barely had time to breathe - let alone blog - so please excuse the tardiness of this post. I started a new position at work and while it's been great, its also been exhausting. I know it doesn't help that I was sick with the plague/sinus/allergies almost the entire month of December and my body took a beating trying to recoup while still trying to function. Let's recap December goals to see how I did:
-Didn't do well on the workouts due to the plague.
-I got my fluids in but they weren't all clear.
-Budget is done & coming in a later post.
-I averaged 2 blogs a week - so close enough.
All in all not too shabby but I need to tighten the reins now that I'm feeling better! So this is what January's goal look like:
Track food daily - this one is pretty easy for me as long as I'm prepared with my meals and not winging it. Im on MyFitnessPal as ShoeVixen - feel free to add me!
More water - I think this will be my biggest struggle (again). I rearranged my fridge so where only liquids are on the top shelf (most easily accessible) and I've prefilled several to-go water bottles that I can just grab and drink. Im thinking for me that will be key - I found myself reaching for water yesterday and drank a whole bottle.
Finish C25K - This I'm confident I will do, I'll speak more on this in a later post but I've teamed up with Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans for a C25K program.
No coffee after 7 - I need to clarify  - no caffeinated coffee after 7p. The goal here is getting to bed earlier so I can wake up earlier.
Vitamins - I'm horrible about taking vitamins; even though they're right by the fridge I always forget so I took several large index cards and wrote TAKE YOUR DAMN VITAMINS in permanent marker and placed all over the house lol
What tips and tricks do you use? What do you feel is your biggest hurdle for staying on track?
Have a great week!


  1. My biggest problem is the gym. I get intimidated when a lot of guys crowd the free weights. My workout program calls for routines revolving around the weights & I work out at a really small gym.

  2. I had that issue myself, I joined a women's only gym and it really makes a difference!